Who We Are 
Jack Johnson - Jack has 27 years of diverse corporate experience in the Insurance industry – overseeing marketing and safety operations, both in field positions and in the corporate headquarters. He combines his extensive experience in training and staff development with strong safety expertise to develop meaningful Risk Management programs. 
Jack was a Division Manager for nine years, and having had responsibility for bottom line profits in past positions means Jack brings a true business perspective to his consulting services. 
Melissa Johnson - Melissa is not only a speaker and consultant, she has worked hands on with a number of organizations nationally. Her “High Performance & High Fulfillment at Work” leadership programs zero in on the results that matter most to an organization. Melissa has also developed an outdoor ropes and challenge course to transform your team culture by participation in this unique and totally involving process. 
Maria Olague - Maria has extensive experience in designing bilingual training programs. She conducts training programs in both English and Spanish, and serves as an interpreter and translator. Not only does Maria know the language, she is also familiar with the nuances of the Hispanic culture, which helps bilingual clients achieve meaningful results. 
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