Management Circle 
To be competitive, companies must build a cost-effective organization with highly trained and motivated employees, who can work a well-prepared marketing plan. J.B. Johnson Consulting provides significant insight into Management and Marketing Assessment programs – finding areas that significantly improve staff development, employee morale and sales. 
Building Leadership and Teamwork Skills 
Build a High Performance and High Fulfillment work culture throughout your organization by learning to use your leadership to renew your career and team build with your staff. Our facilitation team represents two different generations. We “speak the language” of Generation Xers and Baby Boomers – showing both generations how to work together. Programs include: 
Leaders: Leaders play a critical role in creating sustainable success and an involved productive workforce. This program will help leaders shift from reacting to crisis situations to creating results that matter most to the organization (creative vs. reactive). A 360-degree feedback assessment identifies the leaders’ specific strengths and areas of development. 
Career Renewal - Skills for Individuals: Are you doing all you can to retain your valuable employees? This workshop for employees and managers creates a culture that strengthens the connection between the individual's passion and interests and the organizational goals. 
Nine Practices for Team Success - Skills for Teams: Effective teams do not appear by accident. Regardless of people’s natural ability, it is the ongoing development of team skills and practices that make the difference between a good team and one that sustains exceptional performance. This program combines theory with practice to break out of old patterns of behavior and integrate new practices into teams. 
Beyond Team Building - Skills for Working Together: In this fast paced world, organizations are flattening their traditional hierarchy and delegating more responsibility to teams. It's important for teams and their leaders to continually take themselves to a higher level of performance. 
Marketing Plan 
This planning process evaluates both internal and external factors that impact sales and profit. How your products and services are placed, future opportunities and customer needs are all taken into consideration when developing a marketing plan. 
We examine: 
Competitive Analysis - Who your competitors are and what they are doing. How can you clearly distinguish your company from others? Competitive analysis will require surveys of both internal staff and key customers. 
Market Niche - Is your company strategically placed in a favorable position in relationship to both the customers you serve and the competitors that it must deal with? 
Branding - Does the current marketing and advertising program successfully put your company in the most favorable light possible? What is the company image and marketing focus? 
Customer Service 
To really succeed, companies need to take a look at what is happening outside the company and be totally focused on fulfilling customer needs and assisting them with solving problems. Elements of an effective Customer Service Program include: 
Commitment to Excellence - How to be the company of choice for your customers by building standards and measuring results. 
Service Culture - Build a service culture throughout the organization by finding out how your customers define what is “quality service” and communicate this to the employees. 
Employees - Provide clearly understood goals, provide feedback to the staff, and reward excellence. Satisfied employees are better at satisfying their customers.