The Safety Circle 
The Safety Circle applies proven management techniques to the field of safety and loss prevention. It is a five-step model that concentrates on reviewing management processes and identifying the root cause of accidents to achieve reduced injury costs, material loss, and employee absence rates. The Safety Circle process can produce measurable, long-term results that will improve employee morale and bottom line profits. 
Step 1 - Profile 
This process involves developing a “Customer Information Profile” – looking at all key management processes within the company that impact the safety program. This will include an evaluation of key human resource functions such as hiring practices, new employee orientation, ongoing employee training programs and supervisory training. In order to understand loss trends and build loss models, a review of past losses is undertaken to understand loss trends. Selected employees are interviewed to identify employee safety knowledge and behavior observations are made of safety behavior. Finally, a survey is made to identify current and potential hazards and exposures. 
Step 2 - Evaluation 
Once the current situation is assessed, an evaluation is then made to build on strengths and correct weaknesses in the company’s safety program. We look at all key safety program elements, such as documented safety meetings, self-inspection programs, maintenance procedures and accident investigation procedures. The goal is to explore how management changes can improve loss results. 
Step 3 - Planning 
Based on the results of the evaluation, plans are then jointly developed with the client to create a true safety culture within the company. Plans may address areas such as hiring practices, training, maintenance procedures and safety committees. All plans will include specific goals, timetables and measurements to improve safety performance at the lowest cost. Every effort is made to explore how management changes can improve loss results. Planning is the road map to achieving your safety goals.
The term "Safety Circle" is used because this is an ongoing five-step process of evaluation and improvement. It is a new way to look at safety management, a viable alternative to traditional loss control services. 
Step 4 - Implementation 
In order to put the safety plan into action, we will provide training, technical resources and expertise to meet the goals established. Efforts are directed at reducing actual accident causation factors for immediate results. 
Step 5 - Measurement 
The focus of the whole program is on results. We will establish regular means to measure the success of the program. Some of the results will be easily measured by way of accident frequency and severity rates. Other measures will be more subtle, such as changes in safety behavior and improved employee morale. Every effort will be made to identify continuous improvement opportunities. 
The Safety Circle is a proven management tool to significantly reduce costs and improve profits. The impact of this program can be substantial: 
• A safer, more efficient workplace 
• Improved morale and productivity 
• Lower Experience Modification Rate 
• Reduced potential for litigation and fines 
• Lower costs relating to employee absences 
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