What We Do 
We specialize in the following areas: 
Safety & Risk Management 
We combine a thorough review of management practices with the development of an effective safety program. The goal is to achieve significant cost savings through reduced accident rates, fewer employee absences and improved employee morale. This is accomplished through the completion of a comprehensive customer information profile where losses are analyzed to identify underlying accident causation. Additionally, a review of human resource practices, employee training programs, accident investigations, as well as surveys for potential hazards will result in safety program recommendations that are designed specifically for the client. 
Marketing Program Assessments 
Analysis of the client’s market niche, competitors and customers will yield a focused marketing plan specifically designed to increase profitable sales in existing markets and identifying new market opportunities where the company can be successful. We perform customer satisfaction surveys in order to develop a meaningful Customer Service Plan that addresses both opportunities and potential threats to the organization. 
Leadership and Team Building 
J.B. Johnson Consulting can develop programs for organizations that want to create environments where people can thrive and where leaders can motivate people to perform at their best. Each training workshop is custom designed to meet the actual needs of the organization and improve communications between leaders and employees – everyone in the organization will have a common focus on established goals. Programs include Leadership Development Program, Career Renewal, Nine Practices for Team Success, and Beyond Teambuilding. Benefits include lower turnover rates and improved communication within the organization, which will lead to increased productivity. 
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